Vertical window covering

Our Vertical Sheer Shadings combine the beauty of sheer shadings and light control of vertical blinds giving you endless ways to control light. Light is dispersed and diffused through the sheer fabric to create warm and relaxed space. Rotate the vanes closed to create your own serene and relaxing retreat from the world. The Broadway fabrics have crisp, clean edges which naturally hang straight and full without weights or chains. The optional opaque vane upgrade increases privacy and light control.

Innovative Draperies

Sheer attraction!

Broadway vertical sheers are offered in more than 20 fabrics. The collection includes a broad selection of trendy silhouettes. Select from the purest of whites to rustic, subtle neutrals, right through to impactful dark solid shades. The fabrics included in the collection are easy to maintain. In terms of operation, these vertical sheering coverings are available in motorised option. The fabric comes in both light filtering and room darkening options. These are perfect choice for areas which have big glass, bi fold doors, and other vertical applications.